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About this Website

I created this website to help community pharmacists:

  • better understand the legal, third-party compliance, and operational issues facing their practice

  • by providing them the tools they need to improve efficiency and quality, and

  • by helping them return to patient care while remaining profitable.

While there are plenty of sites out there focusing on various aspects of the clinical side of pharmacy, there weren't really any sites out there to help pharmacists run a pharmacy.

It's no secret compliance and law is a boring but necessary part of practice. It's my aim to write about the subject in a more interesting and conversational way than other sites or resources out there, while bringing in my own and others' first-hand expriences.

About Me

Alex Evans, PharmD, MBA

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I graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a Bachelor's of Science (Biology), from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Doctor of Pharmacy, and from West Texas A and M University with a Master's of Business Administration.


I've worked as a pharmacy manager in the chain, long-term care, and health-system outpatient settings. I've learned a lot along the way, seen a lot of things done well (and not so well), made mistakes, and also made drastic and lasting improvements in those pharmacies.

More recently, I served as a pharmacy project manager for a large health-system and took on everything from finance and regulatory compliance to launching new service lines. In this role, I also helped with the standardization of compliance and operations for roughly 70 retail pharmacies nationwide. That gave me the ability to dig much deeper into compliance and law than I had ever been able to do on the front lines.

I am currently working as a medical writer and have written continuing education, trade publications, consumer health articles, and licensing exam prep courses.

I enjoy other kinds of writing too and write travel articles on my site Southeast Travel Guide.


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Megumi Howard, PharmD

Dr. Howard is an Acute Surgery Clinical Pharmacist at OHSU and licensed pharmacist in Japan.

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Nam Tran, PharmD

Dr. Tran is a medical writer and pharmacist with experience in the hospice, home infusion, and specialty settings.

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Lindsay Dymowski

Lindsay Dymowski is president of Centennial Pharmacy Services, a leading medication-at-home pharmacy.

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Angela Fusaro, MD, MBA

Dr. Fusaro is an emergency medicine physician and founder of Physician 360, which aims to build the largest network of affordable and accessible care clinics in the country.

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Stephanie Kujawski, PharmD, BCPS

Dr. Kujawski is Clinical Pharmacist in the Neurology Clinic at an academic medical center. She was previously involved in academia and inpatient internal medicine.


Jeffrey Baird, JD

Mr. Baird is an attorney specializing in health law. He practices law at Brown and Fortunato.


Shawn Earl, PharmD

Dr. Earl is the founder of Pinnacle Pharmacy Group and specializes in pharmacy mergers and acquisitions.

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