Alex Evans, PharmD, MBA

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About this Website

I created this website to help community pharmacists be able to understand the legal and third-party compliance issues facing their practice, to provide them the tools to improve efficiency and quality, and to help them be able to return to patient care. I'm building several areas on this website:

                   1. The Blog: A wide variety of compliance and quality topics, including:

                                              - Common misses in the pharmacy

                                                 Third-party topics to help understand audits and contracts

                                              - Resources on building new models of practicing pharmacy

                                                            .....And more

                  2. Forms and tools: In most of the pharmacies I have practiced in I have needed to create the                             same types of forms, policies, and procedures. It is time-consuming to create an easy-to-use,                         visually appealing form yet was a frequent point of frustration for me. I am creating them so                           you don't have to.

                  3. Helpful Links: Little-known gems on the internet with amazing resources relevant to the                                  community pharmacy.

About Me

I graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a Bachelor's of Science (Biology), from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Doctor of Pharmacy, and am studying towards a Master's of Business Administration from West Texas A and M University.


I have experience managing chain pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, and health-system outpatient pharmacy. I am currently a pharmacy project manager for a large health-system and take on everything from finance and regulatory compliance to launching new service lines.

Initiatives I have been a part of: 

  • Launching a medication take back program

  • Launching a sharps take back program in partnership with the Department of Health

  • Discovering and correcting under-billed claims to recover over $250,000 in lost revenue

  • Expanding the outpatient meds-to-beds program

  • Serving as media representative for a national smoking cessation initiative

  • Serving as the company state sterile compounding trainer

  • Conducting financial analysis (including NPV calculation and break-even analysis) for national pilot program to launch new community pharmacy service lines

  • Presenting on opioid pharmacology to 60-70 health department staff as part of the statewide opioid initiative

  • Writing an implementing a wide variety of policies and procedures, from USP 800 to DSCSA

  • Participating in a national committee to evaluate and select a pharmacy software system

  • Leading vaccination clinics

  • Working with the Department of Health to hold an in-store Great American Smokeout event, where patients received smoking cessation counseling and were screened for vaccinations

  • Completing application and serving in a consulting capacity for DMEPOS accreditation

  • Authoring much of a grant proposal to seek over $1 million in antibiotics for children in need all over the world