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Quick Tip: Tracking Licenses and Certifications

This Quick Tip comes from Nam Tran, PharmD. Dr. Tran worked as a pharmacy manager in the hospice, home infusion, and specialty settings for close to 10 years.


I live in Colorado, where relatively recent legislation now requires all pharmacy technicians to be registered with the State Board of Pharmacy. This state law also requires all pharmacy technicians to ultimately obtain certification from NCCA-accredited organizations (i.e., PTCB or NHA) after a provisional grace period.

So in order to renew licenses with the State Board, all pharmacy technicians also need to keep their PTCB/NHA certifications up to date. And these have different expiration dates than the state licenses. So the risk is that a PTCB/NHA certification could lapse, even though the pharmacy technician license with the State Board has not yet expired.

As a pharmacy manager, how do you keep track of all these?

The easiest way is with a spreadsheet.

The pharmacy manager (or delegate) checks and updates the spreadsheet at least monthly. Action items are highlighted and color-coded (e.g., yellow due in 60 days, red due in 30 days, etc.). Any pharmacy technicians with impending renewal dates could then be directly reminded (e.g., in-person or email) with advance notice.

While this worked very well for technicians, it could also be used for pharmacist licenses, permit renewals, DEA registration, etc. Separate tabs on the spreadsheet could be used for each one, and keeping it on a shared drive, like Google Drive, can ensure you always know where it is.

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