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FLORIDA - Fraudulent Rx P and P (64B16-28.100)

FLORIDA - Fraudulent Rx P and P (64B16-28.100)


This policy and procedure is what pharmacies need to comply with Florida Administrative Code 64B16-28.100 and F.S. 465.022. It requires pharmacies to have in place:


1. Provisions to identify and guard against invalid practitioner-patient relationships.

2. Provisions to guard against filling fraudulent prescriptions for controlled substances.

3. Provisions to identify prescriptions that are communicated or transmitted legally.

4. Provisions to identify the characteristics of a forged or altered prescription.


This policy and procedure lays it all out clearly. You'll check this off your list in under 5 minutes with this download!


2 pages total.


Florida Administrative Code 64B16-28

Florida Statute 465.022

  • Each download allows for the copy and use of the form for one pharmacy permit.

    NOTE: This form is intended as an aid only and Pharmacy Compliance Specialists, LLC, shall not be held liable for damages resulting from the use or misuse of this product. 

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