The Most Overlooked Member of Your Pharmacy

When we think of our pharmacy crew, who comes to mind first? Of course we need pharmacists, technicians, sometimes we have cashiers, we might have delivery drivers, we might even have a nurse on staff. Maybe we think of our telemedicine providers. Our pharmacists and techs might specialize in areas like 340b, sterile or non-sterile compounding, pharmacogenomics, or MTM.

However, there's one member of the team we've conveniently left out of this list. They can reduce errors and improve the level of care your provide. They can even teach us lessons to improve our own processes, and some of them are experts in highly reliable organizations and can bring those lessons to our pharmacy.

Possibly best of all, they don't even want a salary! They'll happily work for free. In spite of this, we often don't include them on our team when we are in our everyday practice, aiming to prevent errors, or when we are looking back on errors that have happened.

Who is this?

Drum roll please.......


Listening to and involving the patient is the most overlooked and under-appreciated way to reduce errors of all flavors, inclu