Designing Your Pharmacy Labels for Safety and Efficiency

My guess is that you probably haven't given much thought to your labels maybe since your pharmacy opened. After all, it has everything on there it needs and does the job, right? Why mess with it?

That's too bad, because as I've worked on our labels I've realized just how much potential there is to make dispensing safer and improve our own efficiency in the pharmacy. This is not about speed in counting, but reducing time wasted.

In this post, we'll take a look at label design and see where a lot of simple tweaks can add up to a free, easy improvement in your workflow. If you want to make changes, your software vendor likely has a label team that can work with you on it. I would recommend either contacting your rep or just calling the help desk and asking for the 'label team.' They should be able to figure out what that means.

The major parts you need: