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EFT Setup Forms

Stop receiving paper checks and get set up on EFT!! Electronic Funds Transfer, or direct deposit, is one of the pieces of 'low-hanging fruit' to improve your revenue cycle and give yourself back some time.


Advantages include:

  • Improved security

  • Getting paid faster

  • Ensure you get paid (anyone ever gotten a check reissued because you never cashed the first one?)

  • Reduced administrative time to deposit the checks

Your PSAO should have you set up on Central Pay for most payers (and if they don't call them and get set up), but you'll still get the occasional check that comes in, which can add up to a real hassle if it happens regularly. 

Where is the best place to start?


I recommend starting by looking at the checks you've received in the last month and going through them, one at a time, to get on EFT. It usually takes just a one or two page form, rarely a small administrative fee, and your bank letter. A little time spent now is time saved for years to come.

This leads to what this page is all about - below are links to the EFT forms for many of the major payers you'll see. This should make it much faster for you to find what you need to get set up.


Of note, some of these links are to login pages where you'll need to get registered first before being able to get set up. The good thing, though, is that once you're registered you can also see your Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). Other companies link to the contact page, where you can call or email and request the EFT enrollment form (not all companies publicly post the form).

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