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Pharmacy Compliance Break-In Toolkit

Pharmacy break-ins and robberies will make a mess of things. This toolkit gives you a roadmap to get back up and running as fast as possible.

Details included in this toolkit:

  • Robbery and other loss statistics

  • Actions to take after a break-in

  • Frequently Asked Questions with answers

  • Bills and Proposed Rules results for “Form-106”

  • Industry resources related to theft/loss and break-ins

  • Other pharmacy resources

Even if you have not experienced a break-in, now is the time to prepare. Going through this document, as if you had just been broken into, will give you a chance to find opportunities to better prepare.
Think about it this way: 1 in 13 pharmacies have been robbed and 1 in 26 have been broken into.

Robberies and burglaries combined make up 62% of all pharmacy incidents, according to



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