Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Complete Policies and Procedures


This P and P will help you be completely prepared to comply with the DSCSA. DSCSA requires pharmacies to have systems in place to identify, quarantine, investigate, dispose of, and report suspect and illegitimate drug products.


All you have to do is plug your pharmacy's name into a few spots and put the area you would like to quarantine the suspect and illegitimate product and you're done! Those spots are in red and capital letters so you can quickly find them.


5 pages in total.




1. Introduction

2. Definitions

3. Detection and Reporting of Suspect and Illegitimate Product

   a. Identification of suspect product

   b. Quarantine

     i. Suspect Product

     ii. Illegitimate Product

   c. Reporting

     i. Suspect Product

     ii. Illegitimate Product

   d. Investigation

     i. Suspect Product

     ii. Illegitimate Product

   e. Disposal

4. Product Tracing

5. Request for Drug Pedigree Documentation

6. Resources and References

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