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Quick Tip: Are you tracking exclusions?

This Quick Tip is a reminder for pharmacies that they need to be checking all their staff at hire and at least monthly to ensure they are not on any exclusion database. Prescribers are typically screened with your pharmacy switch pre and post editing service, but you'll need to check your staff yourself.

I wrote a longer post on this previously that goes more in-depth into exclusions. But the point is this: if any of your staff has been excluded from participation in federal programs like Medicaid or Medicare, and they work at your pharmacy, you could face stiff penalties.

VerifyComply offers a free service that allows you to screen all relevant databases for each of your staff. It will document it for you online, or you can use a checklist to mark off to track your exclusion checks.

If you're ready to take the next step, their Portal Pro service automates everything for you!

It will screen your list of staff monthly, document it automatically, and search both federal and state databases.

PharmCompliance customers can get an exclusive discount off monthly and annual memberships:

  • Portal Pro Monthly subscription: PHM10 - $5 off per month for 12 months

  • Portal Pro Annual subscription: PHA120 - $60 off an annual subscription

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