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HIPAA Training

Pharmacies must implement a security awareness and training program for all staff that handle PHI.

Even for cashiers, because they could come in contact with PHI, it is best practice to provide them with HIPAA training as well.

This course series will cover all your training needs under HIPAA!

HIPAA training references:

CMS Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Though CMS no longer requires pharmacies to train annually in Fraud, Waste and Abuse, most plans still require it as part of their re-credentialing process (so you have to do it!). This course series covers both General Compliance and Fraud Waste and Abuse (the two required by plans).

While CMS does offer this training at no cost, every pharmacy staff member will have to register separately. I've done that before, and for staff unfamiliar with the website it takes some time, and either way it's a hassle. You'll probably spend more on wasted staff time registering on the CMS site.

The CMS site also doesn't provide an administrator with a training log of all of their staff, so if you needed a reprint you would be dependent on that staff member logging in and reprinting it for you. If they no longer work for you (a real possibility considering these records have to be kept 10 years), you're out of luck. 

Do yourself a favor and register for this course; everyone trains with one login and you get an electronic log of course completions.

CMS Training Guide and FAQ

Medicare Learning Network (i.e. the free site - but you've been warned!)

Bloodborne Pathogens

The OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standards require that employers provide an annual awareness training to employees that have regular exposure to blood or other potentially infectious material.

For most of us, because vaccines have become commonplace and point of care testing is growing, that will at least be all pharmacists. Depending on their role, it could include all technicians too.

OSHA Training Requirements (BBP starts on page 93)